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About us


Behind TwinS Art Montaner are we, Teresa and Stella. 


As twins, we share a creative and unique connection that is reflected in our art. 


The two of us bring our shared inspiration and shared artistic vision to a white canvas. Each piece of art is created with four hands. 


We are often asked how it is even possible not to get in each other's way. It is this special twin bond with which we bring two different perspectives, contrasts into a symbiosis.


The source of our inspiration is nature, emotions, as well as the impressions of daily life.


We look at our environment with an artistic eye. We let the different colours, textures, smells and sounds have an impact on us in order to bring them onto the canvas later. 


We use different styles and techniques to create our new visions.  


We invite you to immerse yourself in our abstract world, perhaps to lose yourself in it a little and to dream.


Abstract Landscapes

In our Abstract Landscapes series, we rely on colours, shapes and textures to create a calm or lively atmosphere.


In our Abstract Worlds series, we capture on moments that are meant to transport the viewer into a fictional world.

Fluid Art

In our Abstract Fluid Art series, we give the colours free play to create dynamic and moving images.

Contact us

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